Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crysis Review (Gamestop)

Crysis is one of, if not the, most stunningly beautiful games we've ever seen. But even beyond that, it's a pretty fantastic shooter. Solid weapons, intelligent enemies, and fairly open level designs mix with nano-suit powers to make this one of the more entertaining ballistic showdowns in some time. 

The fact that developer Crytek has figured out how to create a story that doesn't drip with cheese helped immerse us into a "realistic" and exciting near-future. Voice acting is pretty good, the in-game cutscenes are well designed to never take you out of the action, and the aliens are actually menacing and dangerous, unlike the campy Trigens of Far Cry. Crytek has obviously learned a lot about presentation and storytelling since their first effort. I found myself caring about the story that's there and wanting to kick the aliens off of our planet. If they hadn't pulled a Halo 2 at the end, I would have been totally pleased with the story that helps the game progress forward. 


  1. I've never played Crysis, but I suppose I shall look into it.